Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bogus Websites

Below are links to 3 long defunct blogs that spewed untruthful garbage about me, and a Google news site that also doesn't know the facts about me.
5 weeks of some idiot posting copies of articles from the fall of 2005 with out fact checking first and no follow-up to how things really turned out in the long run. Now defunct and no way to contact the person that posted it in order to set the record straight.
Has a one paragraph article from an out-of-the-area newspaper that did no followup of the aftermath and the eventual facts. No way that Google will do the right thing and take the article down without a court order.
This person posts (for whatever obscure reason) transcripts of parts of a Portland TV station's broadcasts for 4 days between Oct. 5 and Oct. 9, 2005 and to talk about himself in a vague way on February 22, 2006. Also published another blog call HoaxBlog which was exactly that and is also defunct. And no way to contact the publisher.
Posts from July to December, 2005 of teachers accused of inappropriate behaviors or alleged crimes, with no regard for the truth or final outcomes of these cases. No way to contact the publisher and defunct for nearly 13 years.

The following online posts concern my former insurer, All State. The first one is when All State wants nothing to do with me because they don't have all the facts and the case was not complete, and the second one show All State defending me. The outcome was positive and cost me nothing.

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