Sunday, December 3, 2017

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In Order to Set The Record Straight


Louis DeLoretto doesn’t have a criminal recordChip DeLoretto doesn’t have a criminal record. 

Louis DeLoretto or Chip DeLoretto is not a sex offender nor is he on an official Sex Offender list.

If you have more questions, read the post below

Chip DeLoretto - No Alternative Facts

or legally check it out for yourself

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bogus Websites

Below are links to 3 long defunct blogs that spewed untruthful garbage about me, and a Google news site that also doesn't know the facts about me.
5 weeks of some idiot posting copies of articles from the fall of 2005 with out fact checking first and no follow-up to how things really turned out in the long run. Now defunct and no way to contact the person that posted it in order to set the record straight.
Has a one paragraph article from an out-of-the-area newspaper that did no followup of the aftermath and the eventual facts. No way that Google will do the right thing and take the article down without a court order.
This person posts (for whatever obscure reason) transcripts of parts of a Portland TV station's broadcasts for 4 days between Oct. 5 and Oct. 9, 2005 and to talk about himself in a vague way on February 22, 2006. Also published another blog call HoaxBlog which was exactly that and is also defunct. And no way to contact the publisher.
Posts from July to December, 2005 of teachers accused of inappropriate behaviors or alleged crimes, with no regard for the truth or final outcomes of these cases. No way to contact the publisher and defunct for nearly 13 years.

The following online posts concern my former insurer, All State. The first one is when All State wants nothing to do with me because they don't have all the facts and the case was not complete, and the second one show All State defending me. The outcome was positive and cost me nothing.

Chip DeLoretto - No Alternative Facts

My name is Chip DeLoretto and I’m not creating this blog because I like to talk about myself or I need to have people know all about me. I am posting because unfortunately in today’s day and age the truth can be a tough thing to come by. In a world where anyone can say anything they want to regardless of its accuracy, when truths and facts are “fake news” and fallacies and deceitful lies are “alternate facts”, and when anybody can post whatever they want on the internet with impunity, I feel I need my voice to be heard and truths about me to be out there on the internet instead of some of the bullshit written by blabbering idiots who have no idea of what the truth really is.

When POTUS can harass or molest 18 women and it’s OK with his misguided followers, yet two-bit blogging know-nothings can tell lies about me and claim I pressed my arm on some girl’s breast, I have to go on the record with real facts, not alt ones or fake news. If you question the truths I reveal about myself, then go look it up for yourself, it would all be a matter of public records. The truth is not out there in a few old, misinformed blogs, but it you choose to want to believe them, try searching for the real truth in the government records that will back up the facts below.


Louis DeLoretto doesn’t have a criminal record.
Chip DeLoretto doesn’t have a criminal record. 

Louis DeLoretto or Chip DeLoretto is not a sex offender nor is he on an official Sex Offender list.

A girl once told lies about Chip DeLoretto/Louis DeLoretto, first claiming he put his hand on her back, and then adding more to embellish her falsehoods, claiming he pressed his forearm on her breast in front of a full classroom of high school students and one adult student teacher, none of whom saw these events because they didn’t occur. Then she claimed he pressed his arm on her thigh while handing her a stack of papers right in front of the class, but finally in the end, it didn’t work because there wasn’t any truth to her claims.
The same girl also made similar sexual claims about another male and an investigation by the law proved those to be lies as well.

The girl filed a civil suit against Louis John DeLoretto, also known as Louis DeLoretto, Chip DeLoretto, and Louis Chip DeLoretto, but he personally never paid her a dime in any settlement because her claims were all lies, and she was believed to be mentally and emotionally unstable.

Chip DeLoretto/Louis DeLoretto/Louis John DeLoretto/Louis Chip DeLoretto did pass several polygraph exams proving he was telling the truth and that nothing she claimed against him ever happened.

Bottom line, there are a few blogs and misleading articles about Chip DeLoretto on the internet that are old and full of errors. Most are just plain false. While there has been repeated efforts to contact these blatantly false blog owners, they hide behind the secrecy of the web and offer no way to contact them. And in spite of the fact that these blogs are Google blog platforms, Google has repeatedly refused to offer any information that would allow contact with them, even when most, if not all of the blogs have been defunct for a dozen years.

There is one true publication online, one stating that DeLoretto did lose his TSPC teaching license because of fabrications claimed against him, but he has in his possession a more recent letter from TSPC explaining he has the right to reapply for his license because those prior claims against him were found to be untrue.

The purpose of this blog at this current time is not to sell you something as many blogs do, and it’s not to sell you on thinking any one way. It is merely to inform you of the truth and the facts. Facts are facts, and the truth is here in this blog. When it’s the bullshit that ends up on the first few pages of search engines and the truth lies buried far below where few ever bother to look, something must be attempted so reality comes to the forefront. Do your own research if you wish and look it up, but you’ll find this blog to be true.

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